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At Heart & Parcel, we rely on the fantastic efforts and expertise of people who are interested in our project and the areas it aims to support.

We have worked with over 154 volunteers on different projects and spaces and we have a high returning rate! We value our volunteers, their time, expertise and knowledge, just like the users of our project.

As COVID19 has changed our entire way of working, this has also impacted our volunteering opportunities. We now operate via an online noticeboard to make it easier to volunteer with our project.

Fill out the form in the link below if you are interested!


During COVID19 and beyond - our volunteers have taken on a slightly different roles. How would you imagine supporting us? You can add your own ideas at the end if you wish.
We have also changed the way we communicate and work with our volunteers (of course due to COVID19!) We have switched to a more remote working friendly format (a trello board). Would you like to be part of this board?(Required)
Please note we expect a minimum of 2 hours a month to volunteer and monthly engagement with the trello board.