Aims & Values


We believe all people learning English in the UK have the right to free English language provision.

We aim to deliver meaningful provision that is learner-centred and learner driven through collaborative co-constructed sessions and provide training and progression opportunities for the learners of our project.


We believe that food and food related activities are a valid and rich resource to connect, engage, inspire and bring together individuals, communities and societies.

We aim to work with people learning English to help nurture the development of English language and communication skills through food related activities, events and classes.


We believe that engaging in communities and fostering social networks are the key to a more fulfilling and satisfying life for individuals.

We aim to reduce loneliness and social isolation through widening learners’ social networks and extend our impact beyond the classroom to share within our communities by providing public facing events and working inclusively with volunteers and supporters.


We believe that individuals learning English should be celebrated for the rich skills and knowledge that they bring with them to the UK and should not be judged solely by the amount of English they have acquired.

We aim to work with our learners to develop their confidence, self-esteem and skills other than English language by teaching others about food, celebrating and sharing their existing knowledge and skills in sessions, projects and at our food-related public facing events.