Bringing English language learners together.
Cooking, eating & developing skills together.

We work with people learning English to recognise, celebrate and develop their existing rich skills and knowledge, so they can communicate confidently and live fulfilling lives.  

We do this by supporting learners to flourish in their local communities and forge connections by developing English language and communication skills through the medium of food… mainly dumplings!

Heart & Parcel was founded in Manchester, England in 2015 by two friends with a love of food and the connections and relationships surrounding it. Over the years, Heart & Parcel has grown to a wider family of learners, volunteers and staff who all support and contribute to the project in their own ways.


Language | Food | Recognition | Community

In addition to cooking and English classes we run fundraising public food events such as food workshops, markets, online cookalings and food related events as learning networking platforms for our participants to connect and practice their skills developed from our unique sessions. In order to keep providing longer term progression opportunities, we also have a blog and podcast where learners contribute and collaborate on! 

We also have an online presence for those who do not live in Manchester, our YouTube channel is well known for having great English listening and vocabulary videos! 

We have our own cookbook and are in the process of publishing our second! We worked with Heart & Parcel learners to share recipes and stories from their communities, cultures and lives in our self-published collaborative cookbook. Through this  publication, we have raised funds and awareness of the need for providing language, food, recognition and community for English language learners in the UK.

Our work is rooted deeply in research surrounding ESOL, English language provision, food studies, policy, migration, identity and arts-based practices. We ensure that we attend and present at a number of conferences, workshops and presentations to share best practices in our work, whilst also developing our knowledge and experience within adult education and life-long learning.


The people who make Heart & Parcel possible.

Heart & Parcel has expanded over the years growing to a dedicated and brilliant family of like-minded indviduals made up of former learners, mentors, supporters and volunteers. Together with their wide range of skill sets, they create and provide high-quality English & cooking classes and projects. 

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