FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | The healing Power of Words, by Zeltzin

Jul 8, 2023

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | The healing Power of Words, by Zeltzin

It was last year after different cycles in my life came to an end all at once that I found myself in a state of deep depression. When you go through something like that, sometimes trying to find the words to describe how you are feeling seems impossible. Even trying to explain what I was experiencing in that moment to my therapist was a hard task. Reading or writing was unimaginable.

But words find their way…

My therapist had recommended some series and videos to watch but I did not feel I could connect with whatever was being said until one day I found the series Modern Love: Tokyo. Deep down I wanted to disconnect my brain from all the intrusive thoughts that were drawing me into some sort of tempestuous sea. But to my surprise one episode would make me find the words I was lacking at that time.

My hibernating wife tells the story of how a young couple deals with mental health illness. The young wife goes through stress at work which eventually leads to depression. What makes the script so interesting is the fact that we can see how both partners deal with this important issue, and the hint of humour makes the viewer connect with the situation. I must confess I found my sense of humour and my words again thanks to this episode.

For instance, there is a scene where the wife, who is in such state of depression that makes her unable to leave the bed, tells her husband “It feels like a sumo wrestler is sitting on me” to which the husband replies “I will fight him”. In the next scene we can see him battling said sumo wrestler, a proof of love and support for his wife. Sadly, he eventually loses.

A way in which depression is described metaphorically here is using the image of a hibernating polar bear, something into which the young wife transforms for a while. But it is not until we hear the wise words of an old lady who points out that “it is the little things that bring you back” that everything makes sense. You can be that hibernating polar bear, but spring always comes.

I can say after watching this story, I could finally put into words how I was feeling. I hibernated for some time but the people who love me have always been there for me to remind me of the little things that are important in life. Taking therapy has been a great tool too. My spring is coming soon because I could finally find my voice again.

Here is a link if you want to find out more about Modern Love Tokyo

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