FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | With this skill, life becomes different, by Asmahan Al-Atrash

Jun 10, 2023

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | With this skill, life becomes different, by Asmahan Al-Atrash

Many families are struggling with their current state, the warmth that once filled our homes seems to have vanished as family members no longer gather and connect. 

Parents find it hard to understand their kids especially during their teenage years. 

Marriages are falling apart, leading to broken relationships. 

There are so many unanswered questions leading people to search for the truth. 

Neighbours and friends are drifting apart and sometimes even turning against each other. 

Mental health problems such as depression, anxiety and bipolar are increasing. 

Conflicts and wars between nations have reached alarming level. 

Have you ever wondered about the root cause behind these pervasive life challenges? In my humble opinion, it is dialogue failure or lack of mastery of dialogue skill.

Do you know that learning the art of conversation is the most important thing in life? if so, what successful rule do you think makes conversation blossom? 

Imagine yourself finding yourself in a situation where you want to offer advice to ones love, but your words fail, and conversation ends abruptly. I experienced this with my son, one day I found some concerns in my son’s life and decided to offer some advice. However, I was filled with anger and dismissed all excuses. As a result, he asked to postpone the discussion until I was in a better mood. The following day, my son told me “O mom I reviewed everything you said yesterday, and you were right on everything you said, but you offered your guidelines in an unsuitable way so I could not accept anything, so I ended the conversation.” As a mother, this experience made me realise to significance conversation in our life. It can make or break relationship within family, between teachers and students, doctors and patients, bosses and employees or leaders and their followers. 

The Success Rules of Conversations: 

To make our conversations meaningful and fruitful, we must follow certain rules. Here are some essential guidelines: 

  1. Seek truth, not victory: 

Approach discussions with a genuine desire to uncover the truth rather than proving yourself right. 

  1. Respect and composure:

 Show respect by avoiding shouting or offensive language. Keep your composure and create an atmosphere of mutual respect by actively listening and responding thoughtfully. 

  1. Back it up with evidence: 

Support your opinions with solid evidence, logical arguments, and relevant examples. This strengthens your position and encourages others to consider your viewpoint. 

  1. Structure and discuss: 

Organize your ideas in a clear manner, allowing for a smooth flow of thoughts. Encourage others to share their perspectives and engage in a constructive exchange of ideas. 

  1. Listen actively: 

Listening is just as important as speaking. Avoid interrupting and show empathy when needed. Actively listen to others, seeking to understand their viewpoints fully.                                                                       

  1. Embrace flexibility and wisdom: 

Be open to new ideas and perspectives. Flexibility and wisdom enable growth through the exchange of thoughts and experiences. 

  1. Keep it simple and enthusiastic: 

Simplify complex ideas with relatable examples. Maintain enthusiasm throughout the conversation, fostering engagement and interest from all participants. 

  1. Kindness over mockery: 

Respect others’ ideas by refraining from mocking. Treat everyone’s thoughts with consideration and kindness. 

  1. Speak calmly: 

Avoid raising your voice in anger. A calm and composed tone promotes healthy dialogue and understanding. 

  1. Seek comprehension and avoid controversy: 

Ensure understanding by summarizing key points and seeking clarification when necessary. If a conversation becomes controversial or unproductive, gracefully end it while respecting everyone’s opinions.

To put it in a nutshell, learning the art of effective communication is a transformative journey that adds huge value to our lives. By embracing the rules of successful conversations, we can bridge gaps, resolve conflicts, and approach the truth. By understanding the art of effective communication, we gain the ability to influence others positively and nurture healthy relationships. And we live in love and warm atmosphere will fill our home and our relationships will be strengthened. How beautiful this dream! Let’s go guys!

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