Tuesday 30th May HEART & PARCEL COOKING WORKSHOP Alaa’s Egyptian Cooking (V)

May 10, 2023

Tuesday 30th May HEART & PARCEL COOKING WORKSHOP Alaa’s Egyptian Cooking (V)


TIME: 17:00 – 20:00


PRICE: £25 (incl. recipe cards, all ingredients, equipment & cooking lesson)

Join our learner turned teacher, Alaa as she takes you through a delicious feast of her own homemade dishes from her Egyptian culture, with some of the dishes from our second fundraising cookbook, from Home to Home.

Guests will create their own Egyptian feast from start to finish with cooking teacher and learner, Alaa. Guests will learn how to make the following courses from scratch:


  • Mahshi محشي | stuffed vegetable (peppers, vine leaves and tomatoes) with herbed rice (vg)
  • Aubergine Moussaka مسقعه | Layered aubergine with a rich tomato sauce (vg) (from Heart & Parcel Cookbook: From Home to Home)
  • Garlic and Yoghurt dip سلطه زبادي | (v) (from Heart & Parcel Cookbook: From Home to Home)

During the class, you will get to learn more about Egyptian food, cooking techniques, ingredients and spices that are usually used and the history behind the traditional dishes.

No cooking experience is required! Alaa will take you through step by step.

Heart & Parcel will supply all ingredients, aprons, recipe cards, equipment and takeaway boxes. Just bring a small ovenproof dish for your moussakas to take home (if not, we have foil trays).

Our teachers are ESOL learners who have been continually developing their English language skills through teaching others how to cook their delicious food. Our popular cooking workshops are a reciprocal learning process. Our cooking teachers gain and develop their English language skill through presenting and teaching their recipes, at the same time as participants gain new knowledge of cooking skills and techniques.

There will also be a chance to buy our second cookbook, From Home to Home, where two of Alaa’s recipes are featured!

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