FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | A Cost Paid Off, by Pat Tsang

Mar 6, 2023

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | A Cost Paid Off, by Pat Tsang

A Cost Paid Off

Dear Piano White

What a long journey!  Finally, I returned to my mistress again after six months of waiting and traveling.   Luckily, I am not a pet; otherwise, I could have died at any point in the container ship on my way to England.   It was supposed to be one month’s journey by sea from Hong Kong.

It was December 2020. I was packed in a box professionally by a removal company, traveling with other belongings of my mistress.  I believe I was her most precious possession amongst others as I cost her the highest shipping fee.  She could not have predicted that I would be stuck in a  warehouse waiting for an available shipping date.   I heard that there were lockdowns in many ports around the world due to the pandemic.   Even worse, in March 2021,  it was said in the news that a huge container ship was knocked off by strong wind and blocked the Suez Canal. So, my departure date was delayed and delayed. 

As we all know, it was the pandemic.  Anything could go wrong. It was a time when  schools, banks and even government offices were closed for months; when    thousands of people of the world died in a day during the peak of confirmed covid cases. How could I expect things to go as normal?  It was crazy, literally crazy!

I have had 5 moves since I was born, and this one was the most adventurous and the farthest journey so far. My mistress left her home not for the pandemic, but for something which was absolutely ridiculous, happening in 2019 in that “world-renowned” tiny and densely populated city.   My mistress paid a very high cost for the move. On top of the shipping cost, she gave up lots of her possessions like furniture, home appliances, clothes, books etc. More sadly, she left behind her family and friends. 

I truly know how big the cost was, but everything has a cost.  It is life.  Can anyone say it was not worth it?  No! No one can judge. Moreover, I believe that everyone should have the right to choose their own values and beliefs.   Even though I could not see my future,  I burnt my bridges to show my determination and go along with my mistress.

On the other hand, Piano White, I really respect your decision to stay in that tiny city. Wherever we are, and whatever are our reasons to stay or leave; let’s not forget who we are; but live our lives to the fullest to make beautiful music.  For it is the purpose of a piano.  By the time I see you again, I wish I could say to you… “my cost paid off”.  

With love

Piano Black

February 2023