FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Everyone Has Their First Day, By Asmahan Al-Atrash

Dec 20, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Everyone Has Their First Day, By Asmahan Al-Atrash

The beginning of every stage of my life is the most beautiful because there are memories in it that I cannot forget as everyone has their first day in their studies, driving, school, university and at work. As well as this, most people feel fearful and anxious in that day, and this is normal because a person wants to leave a good impression. 

For me I would like to share my experience with you at my first day in my medical school. I got up very early, I got dressed up and made my way to the university. It was another city that was one hour far away. I felt all the contradictory and various feelings of pride, fear, anxiety, humility, shyness, and boldness. When I arrived in the city, I got on the bus and there were several university students, I recognized them by their appearance. I didn’t know where to get off as it was my first time going to campus. The bus stopped and students were getting off, so I got off thinking this is where I need to be. As I was following the student, I got shocked after I noticed that I went to the wrong place which was engineering campus. So, I started jogging to arrive on time to the medical campus, with my books in one hand, while the other hand was busy holding my loose skirt as it was oversized. That was funny enough as you can imagine this embarrassing scene. After all this hassle, I finally arrived at the campus and found it huge building consists of multiple floors and many entrances and your chance of getting lost is high. This is exactly what happened to me! There were a lot of groups around me and students were laughing loudly and speaking confidently while I was looking at them and asking myself how I could engage with them as my voice could barely be heard. Finally, I found the lecture room and it was massive. I noticed there wasn’t a Chalk Board that we used to have at school but a big screen with a projector. The lecturer instantly started to give a talk without us introducing ourselves to him. I started to find all these differences and make comparisons between my school days versus the university.

Moreover, in the UK, I volunteered as a teacher assistant entry 1 at a college and I still remember this awkward situation when the teacher told me, “Can I borrow some of your time?” My English was not very good at that time so I thought she needed some money because I never knew that the verb Borrow could be used with time. So, I went and brought my purse and asked her how much you need. She was very understanding she cleared this misunderstanding and clarified what was unclear to me. Just after that, she asked me how my mother is doing as I told her previously that she was ill, so I answered “she is in good condition now”. She started giggling and I was confused about her reaction. so, she said: I am sorry I am not laughing at you but the term you used ‘in good condition’ is used within items, not with humans. so, these mistakes I made will never be forgotten.


Sometimes you see yourself as stupid in some situations and funny in others. Do not worry, it is normal because the trouble is in the start and do not give up in hard situation. Keep going to reach to your goals. So, I advise you when you are sad, remember yourself in your first day and your mood will change straight away. 

Tell me about your first day…

By Asmahan Al-Atrash