FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | What Life Has Taught Me (2), by Asmahan Al-Atrash

Sep 26, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | What Life Has Taught Me (2), by Asmahan Al-Atrash

Your life begins with your thoughts. Change your thoughts to change your life.

Let’s now continue from my very first blog post which was about what life has taught me with another important topic.

Life has also taught me that sadness and misery are not all about problems and crisis that affect us like financial struggles, work, family, social life, health, the loss of someone special and being overwhelmed. But they are also about how a person reacts to their problems. 

You may be wondering, what is the secret of being happy and unhappy in life? 

Let’s now take some real examples to show how people react differently to their issues. 

I know people who get depressed if they do not drink their daily coffee. This contrasts with a Syrian woman whom I met in Turkey. She had lost her 4 children and her husband too in the same day during the war in Syria. What do you think her reaction will be after this horrible scene? Surprisingly she was extremely patient and satisfied with her luck. Also she did not give up but started working to get her living cost. This made me think of my aunt who lost her eldest son. However, she stayed upset for 8 years after his death, and frequently used to visit doctors for depression, anxiety and stomach ulcer which lead her to take many types of medicine for her illness. So, do you see the difference between those people and how reacting to problems is vital? 

This means there is a good reaction and wrong reaction, which is followed and influenced by your thoughts and beliefs. My advice to you is to always pay attention to your thoughts and be aware and wise when dealing with life problems.  Also set your mind and replace negative thoughts with positive ones which then helps you to stay strong with all the pressure you face in life to remain in a stable mood. My eldest son was excellent in PlayStation when he was young and won lots of prizes. I asked him how are you able to be in the first place all the time? He replied, “I always learn from my mistakes and never repeat them” Then I told him “this is how you should treat life.” Until now he benefits from this advice and leads him to take hard decisions which took him to success. 

Did you know that when you stay under stress, your body starts to release specific hormones which can affect you badly and then may cause harmful diseases if you stay like this for a long time? The common diseases in current time such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease etc can come from the unsuitable environmental hormones in your body.

If your brain is full of negative thoughts, you should know that you will get negative reaction, negative emotions, and gloomy mood. So, your life is unstable, and your personality will be sensitive and frightened of everything.

Please build beautiful thoughts by sitting with optimistic and happy people to enjoy life with all the difficulties you face. In addition to your thought system, do some exercises and eat healthy food and enjoy the nature, because they all will boost your mood up. 

You are responsible for your body, so do not harm it.

By Asmahan

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