FOOD FOR THOUGHT | May You See What I Saw, By Pat Tsang

Jul 11, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | May You See What I Saw, By Pat Tsang

May You See What I saw …

Dear friends, amazing things do happen. I must share with you my wonderful experience that I had recently.  

One morning, I left home for dentist surgery which was booked at 10:15. My husband and I went to get our car at around 9.45am in the basement carpark.  When we tried to unlock the car’s door with a remote control, the red light of the device was flashing on as usual, but the remote control was not working. Then, we tried to open it with a manual car key.  Although the door could be opened, the engine could not be switched on. The car seemed out of battery. We gave up trying as we were running out of time. We must find an alternative.  Here in  Manchester City, it is not easy to get a taxi on the street without advance booking. However, we have had no experience in calling a hire car before, so we started to search Google for “how to” . I seldom see vacant taxis passing through this area, was I asking for a miracle?     

A scene then popped up in my mind.  I recalled that I had seen people getting off from taxis at a drop-off point nearby,  so I suggested going there. However,  my husband did not agree with me and he thought I would only be taking a risk.  He asked me to stay so that he could concentrate on searching Google for any contact numbers or apps to download for placing a hire car order.  However, I was too anxious to calm down and listen to him, so I started walking towards there.  

Soon after, I saw a taxi passing by me. I could not believe it.  I ran after it up to the drop-off point.  I waited next to the taxi “patiently” for the passenger to pay his bill and get off.  During that time, I was looking at the taxi driver many times to draw his attention, and hoping he would give me a chance to tell him my needs.  The passenger finally got off, and the taxi  driver beckoned me to get in.  He told me that he was not supposed to take a “walk-in” order which was out of his service area according to his company’s guidelines. However, he granted me grace as he saw my desperate eyes. He was aware that I was in need. I told him that he saved my life.

When I was still panting, settling myself in, I found a i-Phone left on the taxi’s seat. It looked bigger and nicer than ours, and was a new model. We guessed it belonged to the man who got off just before, so we just waited for him to call his phone.  It rang finally.   I told the man not to worry as it was in my hand. Then I gave him our contact numbers, told him that I was living in the neighbourhood where he got off the taxi. I also advised him of an estimated time that I could meet him up after my dentist appointment. All I wanted to do was to assure him that though I was a stranger, he could trust me. (I thought it was pretty funny when I looked back, as it does not make sense to expect a stranger to believe in me!!!).  If I were not a victim of losing my phone two years ago, I would not know how to assure someone by doing these things. I totally understand his feelings.  

We finally met up with the man. He was waving his hands and making a beeline for us once he recognised us at the meeting place. What a joyous face he was wearing at that moment.  He kept saying thank you, told us that he would have no train ticket home as the e-ticket was saved on the phone, or would have no money to buy another one. 

Dear friends, could you ever believe that amazing things happen when a pair of desperate eyes were seen, and a feeling of loss was understood?  I can never forget the moment when I saw the taxi driver beckon me to get in his taxi, and the man beeline for me with his joyous face.  Someone in need can also be someone who helps.  It might be you or you.  May you see what I saw that day.  If so, amazing things happen to you, too.  

Cheers, Pat

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