FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Dreams and Gratitude, by Svetlana

May 20, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Dreams and Gratitude, by Svetlana

We mostly don’t receive what we want, but usually only what we really need…

I am going to tell you about wonder that had happened in my life 6 years ago and it was amazing. It was April 2016 when I went to an interview in Greenwich through Canary Wharf by DLR train. I was so impressed by the incredible views to the business City. I felt like I was in New York or somewhere else in an environment with a sense of greatness. At that time, I was trying to change my live-in nanny job which I had been doing since I came to UK in 2013. Seeing these sights for few minutes as I crossed Canary Wharf, I breathed and I thought for a second, ‘I would like to live here, even for a short time!”.

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But my mind said:” No it’s just a business centre” and when accidentally I saw 4 identical multi-storey houses in the distance and thought – definitely people are living there. “I could live in one of them,” a quick thought crossed my head. I went to the interview and didn’t think any more about it.

But in the evening on the same day, I read an advertisement which said that someone was looking for a tenant in Canary Wharf. My heart started to jump out of joy and surprise and there it was…. After 3 days I lived there, in one of those 4 houses that I saw when. I felt like I was in fairy tale, like something magical had happened. My landlady said that rent would be only for a few months (‘I would like to live here, even for a short time!” was my wondering 😊 ), but to my surprise I still live here.

Now, 6 years later I rent a small room on the 20th floor and from the window I can see almost all the London landmarks like a Tower Bridge, Sky Garden, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, The Shard, The Gherkin and so on… The tourist’s and private boats sail on the Thames several times a day along my house and often it gives uplifting feelings and inspires me to live life joyfully because of music and views. The views are really fantastic, especially of the sunsets. I am grateful for this opportunity to live here, and I can’t stop admiring this beauty.

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Before I came to London I lived in Latvia and worked as nursery teacher.  I am heartily grateful for this experience in London, and I have gained many more new impressions and experiences in 9 years than in 28 years working in a kindergarten. Although I am still fascinated by London, I love my country Latvia and especially its nature. In fact, now I divide the love in half, Latvia, and United Kingdom.

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 Finally, I want to say that not all wishes come true. I don’t know actually how it works, just I had imagined for a second and it had flown to the Universe. The same thing happened when I saw a blue, long dress in my mind and I bought it few days later, but I really don’t know how it works. People say that mind are very powerful, so let’s think positive thoughts and believe in happiness and wonders. 

But most importantly, let’s love the life we ​​live and respect and love each other. 

With love and best wishes!

By Svetlana

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