FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | When It Doesn’t Rain But Pours, by Pat Tsang

Apr 6, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | When It Doesn’t Rain But Pours, by Pat Tsang

If you live in the UK, you must have been experiencing the three storms named Dudley, Eunice, and Franklin that hit us in a week this February. It is hard to imagine that the storms would come one after another. What a week!  It was also an “extraordinary” week for me, too.  Incidents happened to me one after another.   

One afternoon, when my husband and I were backing up to make a turn, our car hit a step and cracked the rear bumper.   Even though we were very upset, life must go on, right?  So we went shopping as planned.   

The shopping helped us forget about the car for a moment.  We bought a beautiful vase, and imagined how it would look when it was displayed in our living room.  It made us happy for a while.  We put it in a shopping bag, and carried it home carefully.  When our lift  reached the 18th floor, we gave way to a neighbour to get off.  At this very moment, we  heard a bang sound.  Oh, our vase hit the lift’s door and cracked.  Our hearts cracked, too!!!

We tried to stay positive about all these events.  “We can cope. “ I said to myself and my husband.   After having a break, we relaxed a little bit. However, It pours again! We found our fridge was out of order.  We took out six pieces of ice-cream lollies from the freezer immediately and swallowed them all before they melted. It was really satisfying.  We could at least reduce our loss.   My husband suggested buying a small fridge for emergency use. It was already too much for the day, so we went to bed and left it until the next day.  

Sun after the storm!

It never rains but it pours!  When we were going out to buy a fridge, the only lift was out of order as well!!!  In fact, the other one had been out of order since Christmas!!!  When would it be fixed?  How could we carry a fridge to the 24th floor?  We decided to live by faith and buy it first.    We hardly found one which was small enough to be stored in the backseat of our car.  Then we drove cautiously as we could not see the traffic behind us. We arrived at home safely after all.  We left the fridge in the car and climbed up to the 24th floor.  We kept it in the car until the lift ran again… 

Who can truly predict the weather or tell the future?   Storm could hit us all of a sudden, things could go wrong in a second.   Friends, let’s LIVE BY FAITH and enjoy every moment.  A car, a vase, a fridge or a lift is no longer my concern for I know the sun will shine again once the storm passes. 

Cheers, Pat


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