FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG |Boost Your Health Just Breathing Air and More… It Is Free!, by Dalia Eufracio 

Mar 20, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG |Boost Your Health Just Breathing Air and More… It Is Free!, by Dalia Eufracio 

There are times in our life that we feel ill, anxious, stressed…. There are many techniques to improve our condition: exercise, meditation and relaxation practices for example. Personally. I have found out that what makes me feel better is a practice called “deep breathing”.  I found this method by chance when I was looking for 432 Hz music (this frequency is really special because it goes with the vibration of the universe, maybe we can talk about this topic next time). 

There are many different approaches to deep breathing and you can find books on the topic , online tutorials and blog entries. All of that can help. I confess I just  practice breathing three times a week early in the morning listening the birds’ first singing, that’s so relaxing for me! You can do it at any time during the day but remember it is better away from main meals. This method is divided in three rounds, thirty deep breathings each one (look the tutorial at the end of this blog).  Deep breathing can be practiced by itself or in conjunction with other methods, like cold showers. Concerning the last ones, I started doing gradual steps, I mean turning down the hot water and exposing my feet, legs ,arms first and then the rest of the body. It takes a little long to get confidence but it works.  After practicing you feel full of energy, relaxing physically, mentally, it boosts your health. Trust me! In the link  below “how to do it” explains with details the way to carry out these breathing exercises, the importance not to do them in certain circumstances like driving since the first times you can feel little dizzy but these effects go away soon, you need to try and feel by yourself.

I discovered this gentleman from The Netherlands that you can see in the video, does just that. His name is Wim Hoff. Alternating deep breathing with cold showers, as I told you before you do not only obtain physical benefits but also psychological ones….

Wim Hoff, the creator of this method, has achieved many world records, as well as many things like walking barefoot on the snow for miles and miles just with trousers on and swimming in chilled water where people thought humans could not survive. Several Universities have examined him and found out he seems to be able to perfectly control his organs and immune system. He advises never to force your body, but rather work towards your goals step by step……..

Do you feel like trying that out?….Come on, you can!

By Dalia Eufracio

Useful links: “How to do it” “ Guided Tutorial”  “What the science says about Wim Hoff’s method”.


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