FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Love Cures by Asmahan Attrash

Mar 14, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Love Cures by Asmahan Attrash

I got told that my mom is very sick and that she can’t move, eat, drink and she was on intravenous fluids. I flew to her immediately and found her pale and white and her skin sagging. The cause of her illness was because of her deep sadness as her children are far from her and the aging as well.  She opened her green eyes smiling and looked at me whilst she was muttering and then questioned “Asmahan!!!!?????, what are you doing here” I said ” because I love you.” Day after day she got better and was more energetic. I took her to the hospital, and they did many investigations and blood tests which were negative. Then I realised that love cures.

What does love mean? Love is the positive feeling towards others and granting other’s happiness by supporting them in their hardest times. Love is the best gift a person could ever receive as it brings people together whilst hatred separates. Love makes you see the world in a beautiful view.  The book ” The Art Loving” by Erich Fromm is an excellent reference which talks about love a lot. This book teaches people about true love and that it consists of 4 basic elements: Care, Responsibility, Respect, and knowledge. This wonderful book also talks about that love is a lifestyle and will. There are loads of types for love including, self-love, romantic and universe love by its nature, animals, plants etc. Through love we grow mentally and physically healthier.

Allah created a human with an internal self-ability. This enables a person to cure and heal himself with love. In a recent scientific research, Dr Helen Fisher who spent her entire academic life trying to understand what happens to a brain during love and found that when someone concentrates on a person or a thing they love, a specific part of a brain starts to emit light, meaning that they are activated, and Dopamine hormone is secreted which is known as (happiness and pleasure hormone.) These hormones also produce large amounts of vigour, energy, vitality, and concentration.

When feeling love in general the body secretes a milky substance between its cells.

The cells get closer to each other and then perform better as each cell starts to love the other and works together.

So, no wonder we find that the lover is strong and energetic as well can solve his problems no matter how complicated they are. And vice versa, when a person feels down the milky substance between cells disappear and cells start to quickly move apart, as if hating each other and decreasing their performance make a person feel weak, depressed, and lacking in value and unable to perform any task.

Love is the most precious important energy a person has as it gives a chance to fix damages in the body before it’s too late so that a person doesn’t pay the price in disease like cancer.

Through love we can heal quickly, as we can socialize more effectively, and our relationship will become successful. Houses which are filled with warmth and love are the strong and stable houses, this means we could significantly decrease the percentage of divorce and problems within families. With love it makes our life more meaningful, so don’t forget to express your love for everyone and everything around you.


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