FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | “Fancy a Cuppa?”, by Pat Tsang

Nov 11, 2021

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | “Fancy a Cuppa?”, by Pat Tsang

Hong Kong is a place where you can enjoy a cup of tea with a unique flavour and aroma.  It is a drink made from a mix of several types of Black Tea going with evaporated milk and sugar. You can find this special taste of tea from most of the local “Tea Restaurants” (Cha Chaan Teng 茶餐廳). However,  if you go to chain coffee shops or hotels, I suggest you specify it as  “Hong Kong Style Milk Tea” in order to get the one that we are talking about here. 

I left HK and relocated to Manchester recently.  HK people told me that they couldn’t find the authentic taste of HK Milk tea here.  I can’t agree with them more.  No matter how good those restaurants are, no single one can bring such unique taste back to me.  Therefore, I give up asking for the moon, instead I try finding something to compensate for this lost feeling.  

Then I am starting to enjoy having a cup of coffee here. Can you imagine how relaxed I feel when I’m sitting on a comfortable armchair at a quiet corner, smelling the strong aroma of coffee beans, and listening to people chatting in the gentle music, especially for someone like me  who used to have a Cuppa at a noisy and crowded Cha Chaan Teng? A cup of coffee at such a cozy place makes me forget completely about the UK’s annoying weather. 

But there is something that I could never never forget. ”My friends, my good old friends,  this cup of coffee can’t beat our cups of tea.  I won’t drink the tea again until you are with me. For there are lots of precious memories that I want to count with you, and it would definitely make my cup of tea the most yummy. ”

Have you yet found your Cuppa?  Are there something worth you waiting?  Yes, I believe. It’s only a matter of time. Cheers, my friends.

By Pat

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