FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Is Veganism the Future?, by Marilia Okuyama

Oct 20, 2021

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Is Veganism the Future?, by Marilia Okuyama

The term “vegan” was coined in 1944 but the concept can be traced a long before that. The idea promotes benevolence among all species, humans and non humans, by avoiding the usage of any kind of product or process that involves animals and poor human working conditions. Society has a very close-minded opinion about that, from my perspective. It is kind of difficult to say you are vegan without receiveing lots and lots of questions about your health and how you can supplement (the famous) ~proteins. For me, the health improvements are a consequence. I take the animals and humans’ wellbeing far more seriously. (Why go vegan? By the Vegan Society). What do we (vegans) eat?

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Undoubtedly health is fundamental, and a vegan diet can assure that. As you can see, vegan food can be incredibly delicious and attractive. Of course it is important to get enough vitamins, such as B12 – commonly found in meat, eggs and fish – as without it, one can feel some serious problems; but a proper vegan diet can provide all the essential proteins and vitamins. (What every vegan should know about Vitamin B12). I myself started eating different kinds of vegetables and legumes after becoming a vegetarian. However, if someone is vegan or not, is always important to have a health check up regularly.

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In the last 10 years, the number of vegans and vegetarians has increased substantially all over the world (check here) and the topic has been raising interesting discussions on how the meat industry has been affecting not only the environment but also people’s health. People are getting more conscious about the products they buy, use and consume; and seeing they way the meat industry works often appalls people. “Enjoying cruelty-free/vegan products is one of the simple ways to help the environment. Pledging to purchase these products can help the environment in various ways, whether you realize it or not.”(Understand the difference between cruelty-free x vegan).

No one can deny that the technology development is here to make our lives easier, so I strongly believe that the resources we have nowadays can also try to diminish human and animal exploitation (alternatives to animal testing). It is completely possible to have a better world and place to live if we try to make the minimal changes right now, in the present. By this I mean simple things like recycle, choose cruelty-free and vegan products, avoid industrial products and so on. (check here)

Have you ever thought about this before? Most of the people do not really know about the cruelty behind animal testing and the meat industry but it is not difficult at all to do something different that could definitely change everyone’s future, right?

By Marilia Okuyama, Brazil

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