FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Differences Between Living in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, by Pina Tai

Oct 13, 2021

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Differences Between Living in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, by Pina Tai

Hi! I was born and raised in Hong Kong, I lived in Hong Kong for about 32 years, and I moved here about one year ago. So, it is really great, and I want to remember everything that I see about the differences between living in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. I plan to stay here for the rest of my life. I need to be learning the culture and improve me English. So, I’m putting it all in this blog.

1: Difference is the cost of a living

For rent in Hong Kong I rented a flat for about £1500 per month, which is 380-400 sq.feet . And compare here about £700 space is 600-800 sq.feet. It is bigger than a Hong Kong flat.

The rent in Hong Kong is two times the rent in Manchester although Hong Kong has higher salaries and low tax it is harder to cover the incredibly high rent prices.

There it’s very common to see a family of 4-6 live in a tiny box apartment like this big with the same rent to income ratio the living space in Manchester is larger.

2: Difference is the weather

Let’s talk about the weather in Hong Kong, which is classified as a subtropical climate. It is humid all the time.

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 5 °C to 35°C. so even though it’s maybe in the 20 something Celsius, people still melting because of the humidity. The summers are unbearable very hot and when raining everywhere umbrellas.

In Hong Kong every flat, train and bus must have air conditioner. In summer weather temperature is about 27 to 35°C. Summers in Hong Kong are long and scorching heat which I didn’t like.

Winter weather the temperature is about 16 to 18°C. Occasionally, it can even get cold, with lows around 5 °C and highs around 10 °C. It doesn’t snow in Hong Kong, and frost is very rare.

So, compare in Manchester, the summers are comfortable and partly cloudy, the sun sets around 8-10pm so I have a very long day time. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 2 to 20°C and is below -2 or above 25 °C. The winters are very long, very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy. I hope one day I get used to the freezing winter which days are very short. The sun sets at 3-4pm. But we can enjoy the snowing and built the snowman with my lovely daughter. It’s amazing.

3: Difference is the Shop opening times

Let’s talk about the shop opening times. When I was in Hong Kong most grocery or shopping malls opened at some time around about 10am to 11am.And closed at 10 to 11pm. I am a morning person, so some time the shop open times is not good for me. Most other things open a lot later and then stay open later.

But coming here most places will open at 7-8am and close at 7-8pm. I have got very used to most places open early. When I was in Hong Kong, I mostly went to shopping centre, which I didn’t like. I think I wanted to break the habit. But now I usually go to the park jogging, picnic with my family. I quite shopping and it’s changing my life.

Finally, I want to say I love and miss Hong Kong and my family, but I can’t go back. I couldn’t see the future, because the government arrest whoever they are displeased with and the brain washing education. That’s why I need to protect my family and leave HK. I’m glad I made the decision to go abroad.

I am very grateful that the UK accepts Hongkongers who can stay here working and studying.

By Pina Tai, Heart & Parcel Learner

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