Share the Dish Oct 2019

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In 2018 we were lucky enough to gain the support of Rosa, a grantmaking
to pilot a project where learners from our previous sessions would take charge of the lessons, utilising their existing skills and also the development and knowledge they had learnt from attending our sessions to create provision for new learners coming to our session. The impact of this was wide reaching and significant. With our tried and tested model, we wanted to continue this positive development and continue to run our first ever learner-led project.

This report is based on our 6-week learner-led project Share the Dish 2019,
using the donations from our supporter and funds from our fundraising
cookbook, COOK EAT WRITE SHARE. This is the first time we were able to be fully self-sufficient through the fundraising efforts of our team, with the generosity and support of Heart & Parcel supporters and with no funding.

Most notably, we would like here to thank Fran and Adam and their guests at their beautiful wedding in May 2019, for raising a whopping £980 for this

We also wanted to shake up our ‘status quo’. For this we challenged
ourselves with the question we most hear in objection to our project: ‘why not men?’ At Heart & Parcel we feel it’s important to inquisitively reflect on
provocation, it could lead to further learning. For the first time, we invited
men to one of our locations to join us for cooking and developing English
language skills.

This project focuses on exploring Heart & Parcel’s sustainability and
maintaining the impact of our sessions within communities for years to come.

We focus on the learners here to inspire, engage and continue wider
provision within the communities. The ultimate aim of Heart & Parcel is to
create provision which is focused, meaningful and directly useful to those
accessing it. What better way to achieve this aim than have projects
overseen and led by the very women who gain and benefit from this unique
provision? As a result we have for the first time hired one of our long term
learners to help coordinate this project alongside our long time volunteer and staff coordinator. Having a learner in the management and decision making level of this project ensured that the very essence of what we were creating had the learner’s needs at the very heart of it.

A collection of firsts for us, and we are proud to offer you our evaluation and findings from our experience for trying new things, what happened, how it went, and what we learnt from them. We hope these reflections are useful to you in your own individual projects, organisations or classes.

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