Our mission

In our sessions:

We want migrant women to feel comfortable, confident and welcome in Britain.

We want migrant women to be judged on what they can offer, rather on the language skills that they have not yet acquired.

We want a safe and secure space where women can have time to develop and realise their potential skills, whatever they happen to be.

We want migrant women to feel part of something, to have experience working in a team and creating with others.

We want migrant women to share their stories, their recipes, their knowledge and their skills.

We want to bring the skills and knowledge that migrant women have to offer to Britain’s public sphere using dumplings as the medium.

Expanding our project:

We want to achieve a more inclusive approach to ESOL. Funding from government providers have conditions and waiting lists. We want to be able offer provision to all who require it.

We want to develop a professional and high quality approach to teaching and support for migrant communities in English language learning in Britain. We want to provide the right support for each individual and cater for learner’s individual needs.

We want to offer extensive advice and Welfare support for those in migrant communities who need it. We would like greater and easier access to this provision for those who may find it difficult to reach.

We want to set up a cafe where people across communities can access for eating, working, enjoying and learning.

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