Rosa Learner-Led Project November 2018

In November 2018, we were lucky enough to receive funding from RosaUK to run our Learner-led project in Longsight.

This generous fund allowed us to pilot a sustainable way forward for Heart & Parcel. Read about more about the project, our reasons behind it, and our findings in our report here.

See our Instagram stories for videos on how to make the delicious recipes cooked, demonstrated and presented by Heart & Parcel learners themselves!


  1. To pilot and explore the sustainability of H&P by making our
    infrastructure more solid and to ensure that the provision and
    work we provide is effective and useful.
  2. To implement a progression system for women who have
    regularly attended our sessions and to train up former
    participants and volunteers to engage with further activities
    of Heart & Parcel.
  3. To increase confidence, independence and therefore the
    well-being of our participants.
  4. To encourage peer to peer learning and create a ‘third
    space’ where equal authority and respect can be present.
  5. To create connections beyond the group to the wider
    community to empower and educate young people about
    the importance of diversity and the wealth of knowledge
    that our participants withhold

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