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Rizwana’s HEART & PARCEL PROJECTS | Levenshulme Inpsire 2017, Cook Eat Write Share 2018, Heart & Parcel Cookbook, MIF School of Integration, From Home to Home 2020

Rizwana joined our sessions in Levenshulme Inspire in 2017. Oringinally from Mandi Bauhaddin in Pakistan, and having then spent around 20 years in Italy, Rizwana moved to the UK and started attending ESOL classes. She would come to our sessions, write everything down in English and engage in all our cooking classes. It was only at the Open workshops in Levenshulme Inpire, that we really got to try Rizwana’s incredible food. She made chapli kebab to serve to the general public. She couldn’t waork fast enuogh to create them all, the demand was just just too great!

Since then, Rizwana has been involved with our cookbook project, offering all her delicious recipes (pakora, chapatti and more!) and engaging in the process of pulling the book together. She was also a teacher at MIF’s 2019 School of Integration, teaching to audience numbers of over 50 how to make the perfect pulao.

Although Rizwana has never had a career in food before, she is an incredibly technical cook, a huge food enthusiast, and having strong communication and personable skills through being a primary and middle school teacher back in Pakistan, she has set up a food lover’s facebook page, called Rizwana’s Kitchen!

Rizwana’s Kitchen is a community group that Rizwana set up for her love of food. Here, she post pictures of her incredible home cooking, accompanied with recipe write ups, and even some great cooking and food tips! With over 2,700 members in the group, Rizwana has a captive audience who beg her for her recipes. The most fantastic thing is that she writes the posts multilingually, being an Urdu, Punjabi, Italian and English speaker.

How to find out more:

Visit Rizwana’s facebook group and join as a member: RIZWANA’S KITCHEN

Buy a copy of our cookbook and cook Rizwana’s delicious spinach & potato pakora: BUY OUR COOKBOOK

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