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Laila | Siwan’s Hot Kibbeh

Laila’s HEART & PARCEL PROJECTS | Marlborough School Project 2016, Welcome Centre 2016, Supperclubs, Catering, Markets, MIF 2017 Togather Heart & Parcel Cookbook

Laila has been learning with Heart & Parcel since 2016. A Syrian-Kurdish cook from Salford, Laila has been an integral part of our food operation, running and delivering two fundraising supperclubs in Levenshulme and Chortlon, catering for Manchester organisations as part of the Heart & Parcel team, as well as showcasing her food on various markets with us in Levenshulme and for MIF 2017.

Laila set up Siwan’s hot kibbeh in 2017 to share her incredible homecooking with Manchester. She makes a variety of hot fresh Kibbeh (crispy bulgar wheat dumplings stuffed with lamb or chickpeas and spinach (v) alongside other homemade Syrian and Kurdish dishes for markets and catering which include: tabbouleh, hummus, foul medames, and sweet baked goods like khaliat nahal. She also makes her own cheese completely from scratch, which is also on sale too!

We were told that ‘Siwan‘ means the light that reflects off the moon in Kurdish, it is also the name of one Laila’s five children, her young daughter, who loves her mum’s home cooking (but she likes ice cream more…).

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