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Najat | الخياطة و الموضة NAJAT MANCHESTER

Najat’s HEART & PARCEL PROJECTS |Cook Eat Write Share 2018, Informal Creative ESOL 2018, Open Workshops, From Home to Home Online Cooking & English class 2020

Najat joined our sessions in Levenshulme Inspire in 2018. She used to live in Turin in Italy, and then decided to come to the UK because she felt it would be a better life for her and her family. Najat has been in the UK for 3 years and started attending our classes to meet other people and experience different foods. She also studies English at a local college. Najat has been a storng part of Heart & parcel, supporting us at a range of different projects we have had over the years, and making incredible food including this colourful vegetable & lamb couscous pictured here!

Najat’s love of food is shadowed by her absolute love of fashion asnd sewing! She has managed to set up a very successful YouTube channel since being in Manchester.

With over 8,000 subscribers, Najat shares her fashion and sewing tips with them, as well as her experiences of life in Manchester, including our classes and Open workshop events!

She also publishes a couple of cooking videos taken as inspiration from our online cooking sessions this year, but Najat takes it one step further and creates a bilingual vlog for all to enjoy, using Arabic and English to inform her followers. Her inclusive channel is loved by many and she has a lot of great content.

How to find out more:

Visit Najat’s YouTube channel: الخياطة و الموضة NAJAT MANCHESTER

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