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Originally from Algeria, Khadidja moved to Belgium when she was 12 years old. Khadidja with her husband and daughter have spent the last four and a half years in the UK because of the freedom that she felt of the different religious and the cultures and for her daughter to learn English for her future. Khadidja herself lives alongside four languages: Arabic, Dutch, Urdu and English.

Khadidja spends her times as a housewife immersed in her English and Maths studies, taking courses with Heart & Parcel and has started working on her dream which is YouTube channel and Instagram.

She started her YouTube channel GlutenFree and Food Fusion and Instragram, glutenfreeandhealthyfood this year to share her journey of cooking and baking in English, especially how to cook or bake glutenfree. She posts videos and photos rediscovering her previous recipes with glutenfree ingredients, looking for new glutenfree recipes and trying them out to adapt for her tastes. Diagnosed last year with Coeliac’s disease, Khadidja wanted to support people who were going through the same experience. She writes,

Because many people get scared when they get diagnosed like me I was scared and at the same time in shock the first thing that came in my head OH NO ! what now how I’m going to manage this and what I am going to eat, what about baking and how I’m going to manage the kitchen now beceause I have to cook gluten and glutenfree stuff. But after a year of experience I can say we can make the most of food glutenfree only the methodes and amounts of ingredients are different and afcourse the taste but that you get use to it.

Heart & Parcel has been helping Khadidja with her social media through projects and consultations providing opportunities to develop her English in a practical and meaningful way.

How to find out more:

KHADIDJA’S YOUTUBE | GlutenFree and Food Fusion

KHADIDJA’S INSTAGRAM | glutenfreeandhealthyfood

COOK WITH KHADIDJA Join and cook online with Khadidja on her latest project for Open Kitchens on Wednesday 13th January. Book tickets here: Khadidja’s lamb & dried fruit stew with fresh rocket salad (GF)

PODCAST EPISODE Listen to Khadidja sharing her stories, experiences, tips for wellbeing and food habits during lockdown in our podcast Tastes of Life, Episode 5: Ayça, Anasztázia and Khadidja.

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