A Night with PHM x Heart & Parcel | Thursday 25th June 7:30pm

Thursday 25 June 2020, 7.30pm - 8.30pm A Night with PHM x Heart & Parcel TICKETS HERE: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/a-night-with-phm-x-heart-parcel-tickets-99392674164 FREE: Support PHM by making a donation online if you can Heart & Parcel is a Manchester based food and women’s project focused on developing English language skills whilst cooking.  The project uses dumpling making as a medium... Continue Reading →


We’ve been watching the news unfold in front of us, the various events that have taken place over the last few weeks. We are moved, saddened, shocked and angry. We stand with the Black Lives Matter protesters and support those in America fighting for justice for the murder of George Floyd, and we support the... Continue Reading →

‘Come Online with Me’ Food, Connection and ESOL during COVID19 lockdown in the UK – the highs and the lows, and recommendations for others

a post by our Director Clare on our most recent devleopment: Online Cooking & ESOL classes. Here, she speaks about the process, the highs and lows and advice for practitioners carrying out similar work with their learners.

Language Issues

By Clare Courtney

Heart & Parcel was founded in 2015 by myself and Karolina. Two friends with an interest in English language teaching, community work and food. For four years Heart & Parcel has provided informal cooking and English classes for women from migrant communities around Manchester to develop ESOL skills in a relaxed and meaningful way, meeting friends and others within and among the communities in our local area. Thriving on human connections and networking, we also ran fundraising events, workshops, markets and catering to generate funds to keep our English classes free for those who were not directly eligible for sustained ESOL provision.

In March this year, it was hard for us to imagine life without a space where learners and volunteers could continue this way of working. It was the learners who came to our rescue in demonstrating an innovative solution, and guiding us towards one very…

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An Evening to Remember.. our Cookbook Launch, June 2019

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OruUQRfJURg Levenshulme-based dumpling project Heart & Parcel to publish first ever cookbook in June 2019 in order to continue providing English language support for migrant women in Manchester. “Dumplings in all cultural forms are nourishing, delicious little parcels perfect for sharing, made with care and many hands”. The process of making dumplings is a food-making... Continue Reading →

Buy our Cookbook!

View our press release // View our promo video! // View our Cookbook launch!  Book Price: £19 all sales towards providing FREE ESOL provision to Women from Migrant communities Details: Paperback |  240 x 170mm | 100 Pages | Recycled paper extract Cactus cover from G. F Smith with Foilco hot foil matt 709 stamped type | Printed... Continue Reading →

Press Release

Download PDF here: Heart & Parcel Cookbook Press Release JUNE 2019 The Heart & Parcel Cookbook // Cook . Eat . Write . Share // June 2019 Paperback / £19 / ISBN 978-1-5272-4030-8 / 240 x 170mm / 100 Pages / full colour photographs  Levenshulme-based dumpling project Heart & Parcel to publish first ever cookbook in June... Continue Reading →

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