Shamima’s Khund Barriyaan (Vg)

We were so grateful to have a cooking workshop with our dear student last week. Ex-teacher Shamima learnt how to make this delicious vegan Pakistani dish from her sister-in-law, Bashira Razaaq, back in Mandi Bahauddin where she grew up. She taught us in our Creative ESOL sessions at Levenshulme Old Library, where we learn English language in creative ways. We now want to pass it on to you. It is delicious and can be eaten fresh or kept in the fridge to be reheated for a few days. The spices are all available in local Asian stores across the country. Take a trip to your local worldwide food store and have an explore by buying the spices to make this new dish! These spices are also used widely in South East Asian and Indian cooking so hopefully it will inspire you to continue exploring the culinary delights of these countries.

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Messamen مسمن Hanane’s Moroccan Parcels

This week for our creative ESOL & Cooking class at Levenshulme Old Library, our student and dear friend Hanane kindly showed us how to make the delicious Messamen (مسمن), a traditional pancake-like bread stuffed with meat, vegetables and aromatic herbs. Hanane informed us that this bread is usually eaten in the morning or in the afternoon with guests, but always has to be served with Moroccan tea or coffee. That’s a requirement! We would love to share the recipe with you as it is so easy, so versatile yet looks impressive once it is cooked!


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পুলি পিঠা Puli Pitha – The Ladies of Levy & their Bangladeshi Coconut dumplings

There is no English translation for Pitha, the women told us. The closest they could get was cake or pie but we really think they resemble a dumpling the most.

At our June session in Levenshulme Inspire, We gave the floor to a group of women who agreed to teach us a kind of dumpling from Bangladesh. We thought we would share it with you.

As always, these little dumplings are traditionally made for special occaisions, receiving guests, a main staple for a Bangladeshi wedding and can also be eaten in small servings as a snack or with tea.

They sell them everywhere in Bangladesh and apparently you will see them on the road side being sold by vendors and small food stalls. They are strongly representative of culture and life in Bangladesh with their variety of different forms and fillings.

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涼拌乾絲 liang ban gan si – shredded tofu salad

One of our sides to go with our boiled Jiaozi at the end of the Supper Club was this salad. It is a hit with veggies, vegans and meat-eaters as taste is so fresh and tangy. We adjusted our flavours to fit a South Western Chinese style salad (like Thai cuisine, with lots of lime, chilli, coriander and sugar).  Continue reading “涼拌乾絲 liang ban gan si – shredded tofu salad”

拍黄瓜 Pai Huang Gua (smashed cucumber salad)

By popular demand from our guests at our April supper club, we are releasing our recipes for our salads that accompanied our dumplings. Starting first, with ‘pai huang gua’ or smashed cucumber salad.

Clare first found this recipe at a chain noodle restaurant just next to Changchun train station in the North of China.

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