Shamima’s Khund Barriyaan (Vg)

We were so grateful to have a cooking workshop with our dear student last week. Ex-teacher Shamima learnt how to make this delicious vegan Pakistani dish from her sister-in-law, Bashira Razaaq, back in Mandi Bahauddin where she grew up. She taught us in our Creative ESOL sessions at Levenshulme Old Library, where we learn English language... Continue Reading →

Northern Chinese Lamb Dumpling Recipe

These dumplings originate from the Hui minority cuisine. The Hui minority (回族) are a predominantly Muslim ethnic group in China who live mainly in the Northwestern areas. As eating pork is forbidden in Islam, their cuisine favours lamb and mutton as a meat, which they find warm and nourishing. Unlike a lot of China, their... Continue Reading →

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