Boaz Trust Project Oct 2017

We have been working with The Boaz Trust to deliver a 5-week cooking & well-being course. Boaz wanted us to run a project for a small group of women whose asylum seeker claims had been rejected. We held the sessions at St Luke’s in Ardwick every Monday for three hours over lunch.

Most sessions involved making food and eating together afterwards. We cooked our way through a variety of dishes, some sweet, some savoury, all the while talking about different ways to cook, the ingredients used and much more. There was an English language focus in some lessons, and the women learnt some new words related to cooking. 

Making Sushi – Session #3

The fourth sessions aims were to get the women to become teachers. They each chose a dish to teach and we brought in a group of 20 Year 8 girls from Stockport Grammar School. The girls went from teacher to teacher, learning how to fold Sambuusa, pinch Pierogi, prepare spaghetti with chilli sauce and even how to roast coffee beans to make special Ethiopian coffee for afters.

Learning how to fold Polish pierogi
Eating Rosa’s spaghetti afterwards

The students were incredibly inspired and the ladies enjoyed themselves immensely.

feedback from one of the Yr 8 students

This is the first time we have run such a project for a client with a specific focus and demographic. You can see how our project went in our evaluation of it here. 









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