FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG BITE |How to make life interesting by SALMA

Dec 8, 2023

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG BITE |How to make life interesting by SALMA

I’m house wife. I have a job catering assistant. I have two children, my elder child is 11 years and younger is 10 years I have English speaking problem. I don’t speak well I feel embarrassing at work because my team ladies are British and her accent I don’t understand sometimes. 

Every day when come back home I do chores and care children, rest of time I thought about my life, I feel boring. One day I attend an English class after that I decided I have do something for make life interesting.

We can follow several things for make life interesting such as…

Reading book 

I like story books. I always read books which my children bring from your school each week. Sometimes I take book from library but that is about English grammar and functional skills.

Do some exercise 

To keep fit and smart we need exercise. I exercise two or three times every week to stretch my body.

Walk in the nature 

I like walking in the nature. When I feel alone I go to park I feel really better. The UK has very big park and mostly each park has lake I can see fishes in the lake and ducks as well. My favorite place to walk is park.

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