FOOD FOR THOUGHT | The Familiarity of Blessings, Asmahan Al-Atrash

Mar 6, 2023

FOOD FOR THOUGHT | The Familiarity of Blessings, Asmahan Al-Atrash

Most of us wake up secure in our property, healthy in our body and have our food, water to drink from, electricity and a warm home. How lucky are we? However, despite all those blessings that surround us, we constantly find people sad, angry, upset, depressed, and bored without realising and recognising the blessings. Why?

Earth, which is a unique planet and is the peak of creativity in its form and structure, acts as a bed for a person that includes all the stores of provision. It also allows seeds to germinate and stores water and wealth so that everything is balanced.

 The distance between Earth and the Sun is estimated to be 150 million km, which allows the arrival of an appropriate amount of radiation that is suitable for humans. If the distance between the sun and earth decreases by a mm, then all of us would burn. However, if the distance increases by a mm, then all of us would freeze.

The Earth constantly rotates around itself and around the Sun to create days, nights and the four different seasons, which helps humans live on Earth. Moreover, I believe that God provided the Earth with a cover that protects it from dangerous radiation emitted from the Sun, and this cover is the ozone layer. Without this cover, we wouldn’t be able to live from harmful radiation emitted from the Sun.

Of course, the gravity of Earth is a different story! If the gravity of Earth was a bit lower, then humans would flow, whilst if it was a bit higher than humans would stick to the Earth. And the Earth consists of all the elements that animals, humans and other organisms need to live. How organized is this! And there is a lot more to say…! 

We may not be aware of the importance of stability on Earth until the Earth erupts! Perhaps you wake up and the Earth is shaking, and houses are destroying over the heads of their occupants and huge loss of lives and properties. An earthquake lasts for only a few second but could lead people to lose all of their family members! And this leaves too many stories of tragedy. This is exactly what happened recently in Syria and Turkey. There are some extremely shocking scenes of people under the rubble which is something unforgettable forever. My sincere condolences to everyone who lost a loved one and may God cure all the injured people.

Probably you don’t value the grace until you lose it. For example, you will not value your health until you have diseases. I think it is important to thank God at every moment. Such as the grace of hearing and seeing…etc.                                                                                             

A coat that protects you from the cold of winter or shelter to relax or being able to drink a hot drink without any help from others. Enjoy what you have and do not forget to count your blessings.

By Asmahan Al-Atrash