FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Swim Like a Fish Takes to Water, by Yaser Almasri

Dec 20, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Swim Like a Fish Takes to Water, by Yaser Almasri

Hobbies play very important role in our lives. Hobbies bring us away from stress and some activities help us to keep fit and stay fit.

There are dozens of different kinds of hobbies. For instance, playing football, gardening, swimming and cycling.

My favourite hobby is swimming. I was born and raised in Gaza. Gaza is a coastal city. I learned swimming when I was six years old. My father taught me how to swim.Li

This first memory of being guided in the sea by my father. My father sat me in a tow float which tied around his waist. After a few days, I noticed while we were in the middle of the sea that he untied the rope that tide us and he said you can go back to the shore alone. I will never forget that day. I realized that my father had never fm ormailly taught me how to swim. However, he showed me how to erase my fear and gave me the faith to evolve my skills. 

When I was seven years I joined formal open water swimming classes and learned a variety of strokes and kick motions. Open water swimming is great fun. My friends and I used to train early in the morning just as day is dawning, three a week.

I prefer open water swimming to swimming in a pool. Open water swimming is a great way to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

To me, being in or near the sea helps to reduce feelings of stress, even just listening to the sound of water is soothing.

Unfortunately, In Belfast I have to swim in a swimming pool. The weather in Belfast is terrible, cold, rainy and windy.


There are some advantages of swimming. Firstly, competition. The feeling of competition between you and a huge sea. Secondly, swimming teaches you how to work with a group. Additionally, swimming build suitable mental and physical well-being for a person.


On the other hand, in order to practice swimming you will need to buy a suitable swimming costume, and need to pay for a swimming pool and facilities such as changing rooms, showers and lockers to store your clothes.


There is some advice for open water swimming you should remember to keep safe. First and foremost, avoid swimming alone. It is safer to swim with a group. Secondly, avoid swimming at is simply hard to see the conditions of water. Thirdly, make sure you check the tides and weather reports before going swimming, and also you should check that your swimming spot is safe. Furthermore, resist the temptation to swim too far is safer to stay close to the shore. Finally, always remember to bring a sweet hot drink.     


I’d like to end by summarizing the main points.

  1. Swimming is the ideal exercise because it works different sets of muscles.
  2. Open water swimming is great fun. 
  3. Swimming build suitable mental and physical well-being for a person.

By Yaser Almasri