FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Believe, by Dalia Eufracio

Sep 26, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Believe, by Dalia Eufracio

The verb Believe means to accept, feel sure about something being true, in others words believing requires FAITH. That’s it! . Faith in what you do, faith that today is a wonderful one, faith to solve your problems, faith that the world has the chance to be better with equal rights for every human being. It is not magical since you can not touch it, just feel in your heart and brain. Feeling and belief need to go together, they complement one another and are paramount to explain, to understand the entirety of a miracle.

No matter what your church is, your cult, these miracles work on the condition of you trusting in them. I love to find out, to learn about new topics, especially those that could help people or maybe give them a hope, that’s why after putting my daughter to sleep and if I’m not too tired, I dig up some information that I can share with others. To be honest, I didn’t have the faintest idea of the sort of interesting material I could find with my researches.

For example, I found a scientific evidence video where a Chinese woman with terminal bladder cancer was helped by three people who repeated a chant of “already done” while the nurse used the scan and showed the cancer disappearing in 3 minutes.  The whole process was registered at the Chinese Hospital in Beijing. Think about that, a cure without surgery! I love that hospital.

Scientist found out that there are what they call a kind of filaments in the universe that are very similar to ours neurons and they think that they are connected just feeling compassion, satisfaction, love. (link above, “some image can not be showed because of copyright protection”. Pity, first time I could watch all the images years ago).

Another experiment reveals the power of our brain, our body when they believe. A lab in Usa ,made several experiments ,taking two groups of 20 women each one from different backgrounds . The first group took pills to lose weight, the other one just were taken placebo. The second group lost weight even more than the first one, they had better mood, felt more confident. It is important to mention that during the process ,doctors told them phrases, words to cheer up their humour, their confidence. This is another prove of Belief and feel.

432hz frequency music relaxes your body, your mind since it reduces anxiety, blood pressure. This is the frequency at which the universe vibrates (scientist research), it is the heartbeat of the earth. It works if you again believe!

An interesting experience shows that water has a “memory”, and the way we relate to it affects its structure. This was a quick experiment done by immersing an equal amount of rice in bottles full of water from the same source. On one bottle you write “hate”, and always “talk” to the water in hateful terms. On another you write “ignore”, and treat it neutrally or with indifference, and on the 3rd one you write “love”,and talk to the water like to a beloved friend. After a few days/weeks, the effect is obvious: the rice in the “love” bottle is perfectly preserved, the one in the “hate” bottle is rotten and spoiled, while the one in the “ignore” is somewhere in between the two. The experiment has been repeated multiple times, including by university researchers.

So as a result, our life, our health our point of view about future, all of it revolves around the word Believe!I invite you to dare in trust yourself indeed. I’m sure you want to BELIEVE!

By Dalia

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