FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | A Travel Nanny, By Svetlana Artemjeva

Sep 26, 2022

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | A Travel Nanny, By Svetlana Artemjeva

Another dream comes true😊

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Is it possible to make your dreams come true?

    I am going to tell you again about one of mine and how it came true. For a long time, my dream was to travel to Italy. But I never had anyone to go with nor time nor finance either. So, I waited, dreamed, and believed for the right moment to come. 

    When the pandemic began, I thought that I will probably never go on a trip to Italy. I don’t know why, but this place tempted me to go there.

    It was late in the evening on a weekday in May when I was almost prepared to go to sleep, when I received a phone message. The family, who I worked for last autumn, asked me to join them on a trip to Italy to help with their little one. So, my calm was disturbed. I couldn’t fall asleep for a long. They asked me to join them, and I was available exactly when they needed me. I knew it from the first minute that I was going to agree that. My soul was thrilled from the moment I received that first message. Although I had only 4 days to prepare, I was ready, completely ready for it already many years ago😊)

    We discussed some details the next day and then the adventure could begin!

I have never worked as a travel nanny, and I want to say – it was just fantastic!!!

    Five days, in a four-star hotel near Sorrento, and lovely company to enjoy all that.  It was fascinating and all I ever wanted.

 Fotoattēlā varētu būt ārā un koks

     On the first day we spent time all around hotel and adapt to the weather which was very hot and sunny. The sun was bright in a sea blue sky and lemon trees all around were visible. The girl (2,5 years old) was quite tired and nervous after travelling, but (because of my experience) I solved that situation easily and I spent a nice sunny afternoon with her. A picture containing sky, outdoor, nature, shore

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The following day was a trip to Positano Positano – Wikipedia going up the hill through winding roads and rocky tunnels. The beautiful views, narrow streets, specific architecture, souvenir shops made it look like that most of it was intended for tourists. And lemons were visible everywhere, lots of lemons in fabrics, tablecloths, towels, souvenirs, a lot of pottery and of course lemons also on it. The pottery in Italy is very popular, I even saw benches made of it.

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     After eating a delicious lunch in a cosy restaurant and limoncello Limoncello – Wikipedia tasting, our second delightful, unforgettable day in Italy had gone. Time to time I helped with their little one, but not so much because they wanted me to help the most on evenings and all day on Friday.

     I worked hard on Friday to take care of the girl. Everyone went to Capri Island, but we spent that day in the hotel area. There wasn’t a lot to do with kids. The pool wasn’t suitable for toddlers. There were lizards to look at and speak with (in child’s language😊), butterflies to catch and it was hot, very hot… 

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Luckily, I had some toys and books with me, so the girl wasn’t bored at all. Fotoattēlā varētu būt ārā

On Saturday the last wonderful day there I had a day off and visited Sorrento by bus from the hotel. Sorrento – Wikipedia I was wandering through the ancient streets and squares; paving stones worn by centuries of footsteps and was enjoying   the splendours of this enchanting place. When I came back, I went to enjoy the pool finally, relax and I understood that Italian adventure was starting to come to an end.

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     On Sunday morning again we had a tasty breakfast in the hotel, took some more photos and then we were on our way back home. There were problems with flights – changes and cancellations. All 11 people travelled to London separately. My flight was through Poland, and I had problem with it because of very short transit time.

The trip to Italy was so charming that even these problems on the way home could not spoil the impression. 

I am very grateful to this family for making my dreams come true. It was short, quick look, but I am very satisfied. And once again I want to say that our thoughts are very powerful, so everything happens if you allow it to be. Another dream has come true. What will happen next? I’m starting to think maybe to start practicing working as a travel nanny more often. But will all trips be the same? This time, a big bonus was that I had free time for myself to enjoy that. But I can try at least and will see then…

The life continues, and I enjoy every wonderful day that God has given…and I have some more dreams as well. I will write when some of them will come true again😊

“And when you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it “ said Paulo Coelho and I totally agree. 

Ciao Italia!    

 I definitely want to visit you again!


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