FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Improve Yourself by Learning English, by María-Verónica Paredes

Oct 6, 2021

FOOD FOR THOUGHT BLOG | Improve Yourself by Learning English, by María-Verónica Paredes

I was thinking about an interesting subject to write and share with you and finally, I decided this subject is very interesting for us – women from different countries living in UK.

We are in the UK to enjoy more opportunities than in our countries and learning English is the key for a better life for us and for our families. Probably, we can do more to think for ourselves and discover other talents that we have. In my case, I love to practice some sports and every day I take my time to do this.

Going to the Sports Centre is an adventure! I would like to tell you: I have been going for 3 years and at first it was difficult because I didn’t understand instructions and I couldn’t communicate but the people were very friendly and patient. They explained and if I didn’t understand they made some sign language to help me.

Now, I understand instructions and I try to be close to the instructors to listen well. They are very nice people and they are watching if I do the activity correctly. Additionally, I have found my best friends in the Sports Centre and I am very comfortable with my classmates. I feel it is a marvellous opportunity to integrate with everyone as not only do we have a Scottish community, but also many nationalities amongst the students. I have recently made friends with two very nice girls from Beijing and we speak in English.

In the UK, we can develop more skills because we live in a cosmopolitan country and have advantages and there is a support for foreign women. There are different institutions to help us to learn English, and with time we can build a nice life with new friends and different activities that we never did in our countries.

I was learning English with ESOL and I dedicated much time to improve my English and have more skills for life in the UK and more possibilities in my country too. In my experience it is much better learning English here because we can watch TV, meet people, go to the library and there are a nice activities that Heart and Parcel propose.

Learning English here has more advantages for us because we can learn quicker and have more vocabulary and idiomatic expressions than from an institute in our countries. And if we have the time to pass an International Exam we can use this in our countries too. I had this experience after some years in a French-speaking country and I can use my French for work.

Speaking more than one language is to have more possibilities to expand our minds and do more enjoyable things. For example, listening to something nice about an interesting subject for us, speaking with other people that do not speak in our native language, and participating the community activities too.

It is a nice opportunity to take and enjoying the process is important too. Don’t forget, we are women from different countries, and it is so interesting to learn about other cultures, traditions and have the chance to open our minds to the diversity too. Sharing with others is learning more about them and such reciprocity to give something from our life experiences, our cultures, and our dreams too.

Enjoy your experience and do your best!!


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