From Home to Home | Free Live Stream Cooking & English Class

Learn English Online with Heart & Parcel

****Register for Classes**** here:

Starts: 1st July 2020.

The course includes:


Wednesday 6pm -7pm | Main Class with Cooking & English.

Thursdays 6pm – 6:40pm | Post-class Discussion Class | you can practise your English Listening and Speaking with other students and qualified teachers.

Extra Study

Reading and Writing Homework | vocabulary and grammar exercises about the food and recipe from the main class.

WhatsApp Discussion Group | share recipes, videos, photos of food and communicate in English with other students and qualified teachers.

We will send you a link for the class by WhatsApp (separate group to Discussion WhatsApp) or Email.

You do not have to attend all classes to join and you can join us at any time.

We look forward to seeing you in class!

Register here:

MISSED OUR APRIL & MAY CLASSES? You can watch back here:

English & Cooking Class 1| Baked Cheese Parcels

English & Cooking Class 2| Lentil Soup & Flatbreads

English & Cooking Class 3 | Sweet Filled Honey Buns & Masala Chai

English & Cooking Class 4 | Baked fish, noodle & prawn parcels with Asian sesame carrot slaw

English & Cooking Class 5| Chicken & Lemongrass Dumplings with quick pickled Vegetables

English & Cooking Class 6| Tuna Croquettes with Lemon, Parsley and Bulgur wheat salad

English & Cooking Class 7 | Spinach & Potato Pakora with Mint & Yoghurt Chutney

English & Cooking Class 8 | Spicy Sausage Rolls with Aubergine & Tahini Salad

English & Cooking Class 9 | WALNUT CAKE & EASY ICECREAM

English & Cooking Class 10 | KIBBEH & HUMMUS

English & Cooking Class 11 | PARATHA & PICKLE

English & Cooking Class 12 | CHICKPEA CAKES & TOMATO STEW

English & Cooking Class 13 | LAMB DUMPLINGS IN YOGHURT & GARLIC

English & Cooking Class 14 | SWEET FRUIT DUMPLINGS & CREAM

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