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Tastes of Life – a podcast about food, women and stories. Heart & Parcel are publishing their first ever cookbook. Join co-founder Clare Courtney as she visits home kitchens around Manchester to reveal the amazing women and delicious recipes behind it.



EPISODE ONE: In this episode we travel to Longsight, Manchester to enjoy a meal and conversation with Shaz and Shamim – two ladies who formed a touching friendship after meeting at a Heart and Parcel session. We also find out the secrets behind the delicious recipes they’ve contributed to the cookbook: Khund Bariyaan and Podina Ki Chutney.  




EPISODE TWO: In this episode we travel to Middleton in Manchester to meet Dimitra, who bakes her irresistible cake from the Heart and Parcel cookbook, Karidopita. While the cake is in the oven, we learn about the many ways that language and food have shaped Dimitra’s life.





EPISODE THREE: In this episode we’re back to Longsight to meet Hanane, a woman who has played a very special role in Heart & Parcel’s various activities. The conversation explores how adventurous palettes create open minds, expressing love through food, as well as revealing Hanane’s cookbook contribution, her famous Fish Parcels: a Moroccan classic with a twist.

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